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Moccasin Joe Roasters

Moccasin Joe Coffee Mug

Moccasin Joe Coffee Mug

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Our beautiful branded mugs are available in limited quantities, be sure to order when in stock!

Shipping & Returns

Items ship within 5 business days

Contained Weight

Our regular bags of coffee contain 340g

Our Indigenous to Indigenous (i2i) alliance coffee contains 300g

We also offer a 6-pound option of whole beans

Care and Storage Recommendations

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Pick the right Grind

Have you been picking the right coffee grind for your preferred method of preparation? Having too large or small grains can highly impact the taste

  • Espresso Grind is the finest possible, so the taste of coffee is rapidly infused in the water. To be used with Espresso Makers
  • Filter Grind is a balanced grind that is best when hot water circulates through the coffee. Best for coffee machines, pour-over and Chemex
  • French Press grind is the largest grind available, this method requires prolonged steeping of the grains in hot water. Suitable for French Presses
  • Buying Whole Beans?

    Did you know that we offer a 6-pound variation of all our roasts? One of our core values being sustainability, offering a larger packaging reduces waste and helps you save money!

  • Small Batch Roasted Weekly

    In order to always provide our clients with the freshest batch of coffee possible, we roast in small batches every week and ship out the very next day, so your order is always only a few days old!