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Meet the Family

Turning a Dream into a Reality takes the effort of more than a single person. Although Walter (Far-right) is the Artisan Coffee Roaster, bringing the business to life took love, patience and care from the whole Family.

Walter and Lise’s Children, Julie (middle) and Mike (Far left) have long been in awe of their dad, seeing him as the “Mad Scientist” of coffee, hunched over his roaster and expertly picking out sub-par beans to ensure the final product be of the highest quality possible.

Bringing a greater vision to the table, Mike is excited to create even more connections and foster relationships that matter, with people who share in our values.

And for Julie, learning the trade of Roaster is more than just transitioning into a new role; As far as she knows, she’ll be one of the few, if not the only, Indigenous Woman Roaster; And Walter intends to steer her right in embracing the role and elevating the family business.

Kanien’ kehá:ka roanohontsá:ke watéskonte ne osahe’tákeri tsi kahehtà:kon tsi ní:iore ne katshe’tàkon

Roasted In Mohawk Territory; From Farm to Cup

About Our Product

Coffee that Cares

Eco minded

Do you shiver at the thought that BILLIONS of single-use coffee pods end up in landfills every year? Moccasin Joe Coffee is produced in small batches to be more ecological without compromising on taste and quality

Dedicated Learners

Do you savour your coffee with all your senses? Are you left in awe of the dark steaminess, enchanted by the smell and overtaken by the taste? Roasting, Brewing and Pouring the Perfect Cup, our artisan coffee is a result of constantly learning how to improve our practices

Award Winning

Did you know that there are events and competitions completely dedicated to Coffee Roasting and Cupping? And we're more than proud to say that our very own Roaster, Walter, won the coveted Best Coffee prize from the International SIAL competition

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How do you drink it?

Club 93° Club 94°

There's a big difference

artisan coffee

16 years of coffee roasting history

Meet Our Coffee Roaster, Walter

Roasting Coffee. It sounds like a fairly simple process, and with modern technology accompanying to complement it, it has become simple enough. But does the simplicity of the process reflect the final quality of the product? Rarely.

When our Coffee Roaster Walter first started out, it was on his backyard balcony with a 1-pound roaster, and he quickly discovered a profound passion for it. Roasting artisan coffee is about care, attention, and delicate precision; And given the high popularity of coffee, he feels those factors are often overlooked for the sake of profit.

Refusing the title of Master Roaster, Walter argues his position to be an eternal apprenticeship, stating how there will always be changes and new advances requiring his continued education.

And now, 16 years into his “apprenticeship”, Walter has curated some of the finest, most scrumptious Roasts you could find – Never compromising taste for profit.

Go on, try Moccasin Joe Artisan Coffee, we dare you to fall in love❤️

Our Mission and Vision

To create an indigenous to indigenous coffee alliance to build out the indigenous owned businesses throughout the whole supply chain, from farmer to roaster.


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Our Feature in APTN

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